This is complete solution for Latest Multi Vendor Ecommerce Business Management System to grow business online.This system have Stripe , Paypal and Payment of Delivery is integrated that make easy payment transaction.System have three types of back-end (admin panel) for Users, Vendors and admin. Admin and Vendors will get the order details of customer,when he/she purchase the products from any vendors. Our Super admin( main admin) can see the all order’s details or the shipping’s details, But Our Vendors can’t see the details of other Vendor’s order details or shipping’s detsils.

Three are three types of Vendors’s status Pending, Processing and Completed.Admin (super admin ) will see the status of Vendors.This
Latest Multi Vendor Ecommerce Business Management System is very easy for All Vendors to setup the account , add their products from their dashboard and vendors have the fully control over their products.Vendors can edit, delete , deactive and remove products from their dashboard. After completed order by Vendors , Then admin will marks completed then money will be available in Vendors’s Dashboard.

In this system, Admin can decide the commission from total amount of withdrawl such as 1% which could be easily set up.This system calculate dynamically fee and and percentage from total and the will show the withdrawl amount and total amount. After the admin will approve for this request and Vendors will get paid.

Latest Multi Vendor Ecommerce Business Management System is very secure and well optimize . It has specially strong SQL injection protection to keep away from hackers.

User Features —

fully responsive and creative design for any device based Bootstrap.
Support Cross Browser.
Purchase without Login/Registration as guest user.
Registration System for Vendor .
Login panel for Vendor .
Registration System for User 
User Login Panel
Browse Product by Category, Sub Category or Child Category.
Search Option for Product .
Review System.
System for Easy Review Adding .
Purchase by Paypal, Stripe and Cash on Delivery.
View Previous Price.
System for Checking Descripton .
System Return Policy Checking.
System for Social Sharing .
User's  Subscription.
Creative frontend design.
Built in  pages like About Us, FAQ and Contact Us .
and more…

Vendor Features —

Complete Dynamic Management System.
Vendor Registration System.
statistics Dashboard.
Powerful admin panel.
System for Update Vendor Details.
System for Password Change .
System for Password Recovery .
System for adding  Product  .
System for Multiple Image in Single Product .
Order Status Management System (Pending, Processing and Completed).
Fully Dynamic Order Management System.
System for Product Edit, Activate/Deactivat or Remove .
System for Showing Old Price  .
Withdraw Payment by Paypal.
Withdraw Payment by Payoneer.
Withdraw Payment by Bank.
and  more…

Admin Features —

 Easy Configuration.
Complete  Dynamic Management System.
standard and secure code to understand and modify
Support Multi Language .
statistics Dashboard .
System for Vendor Approval .
System for Vendor Decline .
System for Vendor Delete .
System for Sending Vendor Email  .
System for Adding  Category .
System for Adding  Subcategory  .
System for Adding Child Category .
System for Adding Product .
pre configured Paypal and Stirpe Integration.
System for  Customer Review.
System for complete Dynamic Order Management.
System for complete Dynamic Order Status .
System for adding Easy Slider.
System for Easy Slider Content Positioning.
System for Dynamic Service Management.
System for Product Availability.

System for Showing Old Price .
System for Withdrawl Management .
System for Withdraw Fee and Percentage .
System for complete Dynamic Profit Calculation .
System for Subscribed User Export .
System for Customizing meta tag adding for better SEO prospective.
System for adding Google Analytics .

System for changing logo, Site Title, Favico, Footer Address from admin panel

pre built pages like   About Us, FAQ and Contact Us .
and  more…

Demo –

Frontend :
Admin :

Admin Login:

Price – $50

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