Do you own a Real Estate business and looking to set up its presence online? Are you in need for a guidance of what features or functionalities are essential and required to run a real estate portal online? Well, look no more, you are on the right page. Here we will help you with the smart features to incorporate in your real estate website to turn it into an advanced one. Apart from integrating the features you also have the option of finding out the latest real estate website for sale. If you don’t want to splurge on it then you can read ahead to know how to turn your real estate website into advanced one.

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latest real estate website for sale

  Comprehensive SEO strategy

When you are into making real estate marketing efforts online, the visibility should be your primary concern. And a comprehensive SEO strategy plays a crucial role for every real estate website. There are a lot of ways you can leverage SEO in order to boost your revenue through your website. Build your website on a SEO friendly platform like WordPress.

Intellectual designs

Design is beyond involving just the visual features. Design is a comprehensive package that incorporates the content and user experience of the visitors who visit the website. In order to establish the brand’s identity use intelligent designs, in fact, the customized designs to provide the optimum user experience that will lead you to an exemplary reputation as the professional real estate agent in the digital age.

Lead capturing

Your website’s ability to create potential business opportunities is a primary indicator of effectiveness. The lead capturing and management tools like interactive maps, and customizable fields that will allow you to monitor the saved searches, and other alike. When placing these elements in your website make sure they blend seamlessly into the overall design of your real estate website portal so that it is still prominent enough to draw attention and encourage the action part for the viewer.

Effective Mobile Responsive design

Today half of the users use mobile on the go to access the internet and visit stuff online. So, be it a real estate portal or any other portal if your service is not mobile responsive then it’s all in vain. It is important to ensure that the responsive design is a part of your website’s makeover strategy. This is also to ensure that your website works well on any device and adjusts itself automatically to any resolution without compromising on the quality.


IDX is considered to be the lifeblood of the real estate websites. This allows the information from the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) databases in order to feed into the complete and up-to-date listing pages. An IDX feature is supposed to be an essential integrated feature in your real estate website design and also on the top priority of your features list. A real estate website should necessarily have the visible and easy-to-use search tools so that all visitors can launch into a listing search quickly. This feature also boosts the portal’s SEO scores.

Bottom line

Well, all this might seem complex, so you can hire a professional to integrate these features for you or you can simply find the latest real estate website for sale online and buy them. It can be a simplest way to own a smart and advanced real estate website.

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