About the School Management System Project:

This School Management System project is developed using various programming languages like PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. If you take look at this project you will easily understand that this project all the essential features which are necessary to manage the school
management. This management system has only the Admin side where he/she can manage students, Fees, teachers, classes, subjects, hostels and everything related to school. Admin of this system plays an important role it, In this School Management System, all the main
functions are only be performed from the Admin side, Any other person can’t make any changes in it.

About the School Management System:

user: admin@demo.com
pwd: password

Admin plays an important role in this School Management System, Admin has full control to make any changes it, all the function can only be performed only by the admin any other person can’t do it. Here, the user can use the features of CRUD and manage the school students, fees, bank, teachers, subjects, classes, streams, hostel, timetable, events, notices/announcement, exam result, fee structure, attendance and much more. Form admin panel you can also view the login section. Now talking about all the main functions of this School Management System, Here you get all the essential features to manage the school as you can add, edit, delete and view students, teachers, hostels, classes, streams, and management of Fees.

While adding a new student in the database, the user has to provide full name, select gender, date of birth, attach photos, registration number,select class, stream, hostel, date of joining, category, academic year,total fees, advance fees, balance, and parents that means you get the compact details of that student when you want. Like the student, while adding the information of teachers, the user should provide complete information like his name, select gender, age, phone number, email id, and staff number

To collect the payment of fees, the fees amount should be declared from the fees structure section. All the payments are done through banks. So it is essential to have a bank section here, And the user can add the details like bank name with an account number which is needed
during payment of fees of a student every student. to collect the payment of frees, he/she has to select a student’s name, session, provide the paid amount, select bank branch, and remarks. Not just

students and the teacher information, here the user has to add subject and classes details too. Its too easy to add subjects and classes of every student, he/she just has to provide a subject and class name of every student. And talking about the streams its the also has the same procedure as above.

Other features of this System:

lots of schools provide the hostel facility for its student, So this is also an important feature of the system. As above, while adding hostels of the student, the procedure is too easy all you just need to provide a name and select availability status whether it’s available or not available. In school, the time table of the student must be according to the student requirement.

For the events management through this system, the admin has to provide complete event details like the event’s name, select date of the event, and insert details. Through this feature, all the school events are managed in a systematic way by using this school management system. Another important feature is to make an announcement by publishing notices for the students as well as teachers of the school. It’s similar to events, you just need to add the announcement title, with date, and details about the announcement you should provide the com pleat information. With this feature, each and every student, as well as the teacher of the school, can be aware of the upcoming events in the school or the announcements.

One of the most important features is to publish exam results and this feature is also available in this system. To publish the exam result of every student he/she has to select a student’s name, category, subject, enter marks and term. This feature makes easy management of the exam results as the admin can add, view and delete easily. Class attendance of school student is also maintained through the system by selecting subject, name, date and marking attended or not. If the school management needs they can easily find the complected information of any
student easily.

Minor Features

All the details of every student can be found by the admin easily, You check the result, attendance, and fees of every student. In the admin panel, all the recent fee collections of the student are displayed with the ID number, student’s name, amount and total balance available.
And yes, each and every student’s parent details and contact information should also be recorded in the system which is also

displayed in the admin dashboard. Other information like the number of total attendance, exams, sessions, student type and fees structure is also be displayed. The School Management system in PHP helps in easy management of the school events. Design of this project is dashing and responsive so that the user won’t find it difficult to use it, understand and navigate it.

To run this School management system on your pc, you must have installed virtual server i.e XAMPP on your windows pc. School Management System in PHP with source code is available for free to download, Use for educational purposes only!.

· Login System
· Admin Panel
· User management
· CRUD Students, Teachers, Subjects, Class, Hostels, Stream
· Manage Fees, Events, Timetables, attendance
· Make announcements
· Publish Exam Results
· Add fees structure
· Student’s parent details
· Session
· Database backup

Latest School Management System Project in php have original screen short for ADMIN, TEACHER, STUDENTS


There are five types of user available in Latest School Management System Project  with demo link –


user: admin@demo.com
pwd: password

How to Run?

After Starting the Apache and MySQL in XAMPP, you just need to
follow the following.
· First of all extract the file
· Then copy it in the main project folder
· Now Paste it in xampp/htdocs/
After compleating this you need to Connecting Database
· Now open any web browser and go to URL

Price – $70

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Email – alexawork114@gmail.com

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